Civil Society Self-Regulatory Initiative

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CSSRI Subscription Form


To subscribe to the CSO self-regulation in Nigeria, kindly fill out the form using the link below:

At the point of joining, members will subscribe to a code of conduct or accountability commitment. See Code of Conduct http://cssreg.org/download/13500/. This code/commitment is jointly developed by founding members to cover issues such as:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency including proactive disclosure.
  • Financial management including grants management, exchange rate fluctuations and earnings
  • Competition
  • Partnership
  • Consultations
  • Sector integrity
  • Advocacy and campaigns
  • Political engagement
  • Staffing including executive compensation
  • Governance including Founders role, Board engagement and effectiveness
  • Funding
  • Gender including safeguarding around sexual harassment
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Power relations
  • Solidarity
  • Donor-civil society relationship
  • International NGO/Local NGO relationship
  • Data protection
  • Fundraising
  • Compliance with statutory regulations

Upon adoption, members will be expected to report annually on their compliance with the code/commitments following carefully developed questions that will guide members response including documents to be submitted.
Through a letter signed by member organisations senior management team, this would likely be the Executive Director, the organisation will commit to making the following information publicly available on their website or social media page (Facebook) upon joining, offering them the affiliate member status:

  1. Name, registered office, address, and year of foundation
  2. Complete constitution as well as information on the organisational goals
  3. Name and role of key decision makers or Board members
  4. Activity report
  5. Management structure
  6. Information on the source of funds
  7. Information on the use of funds
  8. Partners or affiliations
  9. Names of people whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget.
  10. Feedback and complaints email and telephone.

See Template of Letter of Commitment https://bit.ly/3NtvZ7j

The information service model will connect with the Compendium project championed by OSIWA and the Defence Fund including the National Public Directory outcomes of the USAID SCALE project managed by the Nigeria Network of NGOs.  The above information service model is deliberately designed so that any organisation can participate very quickly and easily. The ten pieces of information required are based on the minimum information that is available or can be quickly collected in almost every organisation. All CSOs regardless of their legal form, size, area, or activity can take part in the initiative.  The publication of this information will promote additional information that the organisations that have joined the initiative voluntarily offer which goes beyond statutory requirements for civil society organisations in Nigeria. The above requirements have been kept low to accommodate small and medium-sized organisations without additional efforts on their part in terms of compliance.

An independent review panel working through a peer-review model will be constituted with each member of the Working Group serving in at least one panel to review annual reports submitted by organisations in line with a reporting and assessment process developed by the Steering Committee and agreed by all members.  A scoring model will likely be used with 80% as the base for full membership.

Organisations that have formally joined and implemented all the requirements of the initiative will be able to use the initiatives logo on their website or social media page, documenting to external stakeholders that they are committed to transparency.  The logo will be for affiliate members and full members. Routine check will be embarked upon by the Secretariat on a quarterly basis to check incompleteness or incorrectness of information provided, interested third parties will also have the opportunity of reporting on this and contact the organisations concerned directly. In cases where corrections are not effected within a reasonable time period, if necessary, rights to the use of the logo can be withdrawn.  The initiative will not make any statements about leadership quality or legal compliance of its members.